Agricoltura e turismo in rete



Val d'Ayas and Valle di Champorcher
Areas of excellence

A celebrated mountainous area undoubtedly stands out for its natural beauty, stunning peaks, glaciers, blooming meadows and so on, but that’s not all! An alpine territory can yield unique products.

Mountain agriculture is a niche market that cannot compete economically with the big farms on the plains, but can, nonetheless, surprise us with its high quality.

Knowing our territory means knowing how to appreciate what the numerous working farms produce, but it also enables us to "keep an eye on” that important resource we call landscape.

What produce do we find in a mountain food pannier? There are many, but it is crucial to recognise them both on a restaurant menu and when purchasing them in a local shop.


When speaking about mountain farm produce, not matter what sort, the words that immediately spring to mind are “quality”, “small quantities”, “how delicious!”… nothing could be more true!

There is a limited variety of crops, but thanks to our dry, windy climate the use of plant protection products is kept to a minimum, thus raising the overall quality.

Purchase and taste
locally sourced products
from Val d'Ayas
and Valle di Champorcher

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